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The mikveh is just one element in the rich ecosystem that makes up the intimate life of couples and families. The Eden Center strives to go outside the waters of the mikveh to provide information and education that can enhance couples’ connections to mitzvot and to each other. Our programs provide deeper halakhic knowledge while guiding women and couples through every stage of married life, from the beginning of marriage (and even before) to parenting to perimenopause.


Talking Tevilla

This 3-session dialogue series includes textual analysis and personal discussion about experiences and emotions surrounding the mikveh for women in their first five years of mivkeh use. […]

Infertility and Niddah

Provides halakhic information and coping strategies for women experiencing infertility, with a focus on transforming the mikveh from a negative reminder of infertility to a place of comfort. […]

Wine and Bread

The two items that we expect to see on a Shabbat  or Chag table, that make it distinct from a regular dinner table, are Wine and Bread. The wine for Kiddush and the two loaves of bread that we bless [...]


Taught by medical professionals, halakhic experts, and sex educators, this course covers multiple elements of perimenopause, including mikveh use, hormone treatments, and relationship building. […]

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