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This blog invites readers to submit their experience with mikveh and the laws of niddah in order to raise awareness to the range of feelings and experiences in the community. The Eden Center does not endorse positions stated in blogs, but allows authors’ voices to be heard on this platform.

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May this year be THE year

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Photo Courtesy of Rivka Levine First published on The Eden Center blog in September, 2016 It was nearly mussaf on the first day of Rosh Hashanah. I sat in the back of the shul, anxiously shaking my leg, tapping my siddur and trying hard to prevent my then toddler from pulling down my entire shirt. With every passing minute my [...]

A Golden Prison – A Personal Story about Postpartum Depression

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In The Eden Center’s course for mikveh attendant we teach about postpartum depression. Dr. Efrat Orlion, a clincal soc ial worker with a specialty in postpartum depression, came to teach in the program, and shared this story — which she had heard from one of her patients: When I decided to come to you for treatment, I suddenly realized that my biggest [...]

Where is God in the Mikvah?

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Liz Shayne recently wrote here about how the mikvah experience feels meaningless for her. It’s not anguishing, she says, but it’s not inspiring either. It’s just something that she does, out of duty. And I’ve been thinking a lot about that spectrum that she mapped out — the one that starts with “The mikvah inspires me!” and ends with “I can’t bear [...]

What Are Period Panties?

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Photo by Katie Treadway The Eden Center does not endorse products, nor have we tested this specific one, but our blog wishes to inform and empower women around topics that have to do with our bodies and menstruation. Hence, we offer this blog in that vein: Did you know that the average woman releases only about 35 ml during the entire [...]

Keeping my Head Under the Water

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“”You stuck, are you?” “Yes, I don’t like the water.” “Want to learn how to swim?” “I can’t.” “Betcha can.” I hate this swimming pool. Some once a week treat, standing in shivery cold water, clutching onto the stair rail as sixty whole minutes  each taking sixty seconds, finally go by. And that teacher shouting at me to let go. Let go? [...]

Does every new Kallah need to begin taking Hormones?

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“Mazel tov to the newly engaged couple”!  After the toasts and good wishes are finished, the fun and (sometimes) stress of planning the wedding will begin.  Finding a date that works for both sides and the perfect venue for a wedding can be a challenge for all couples. But religious couples face the added stress of choosing a wedding date that avoids [...]

Eikha: The Haunting Images of Jeremiah’s Women

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Eikha, read on Tisha beAv, is Jeremiah’s painful cry over the enormous tragedies associated with the destruction of the first Beit Hamikdash: the loss of Jewish sovereignty, the massive death toll, the wholesale and forcible dislocation of the Jewish people from its land, and the terrifying sense of abandonment by God. It is hard to know which of these is worst, and [...]

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