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This blog invites readers to submit their experience with mikveh and the laws of niddah in order to raise awareness to the range of feelings and experiences in the community. The Eden Center does not endorse positions stated in blogs, but allows authors’ voices to be heard on this platform.

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How does Torah reading inspire ideas for enhancing relationships? Torah-reading is a central part of tefilla on Shabbat, Mondays and Thursdays. Rabbi Soloveitchik likened Torah-reading to a re-enactment of Matan Torah which we’ll be celebrating on Shavuot. The image of the nation receiving the Torah in the middle of a vast desert has been interpreted by commentaries as highly symbolic. The Talmud [...]

With the cup, I almost look forward to having my period

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The Eden Center does not endorse products, nor have we tested this specific one, but our blog wishes to inform and empower women around topics that have to do with our bodies and menstruation. Hence, we offer this blog in that vein: In response to Chen Tamir’s post from a few months ago, What Are Period Panties?, I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept [...]

The Pain Known as Endometriosis

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Photo: Valerie Lafargue “It is not OK to miss a part of your life because of pain and excessive bleeding.”   These are the words of actress, Susan Sarandon, at the Endometriosis Foundation of America Blossom Ball in 2011 describing the emotional and physical pain, depression, fatigue, loss and loneliness of suffering with endometriosis. United States Senator Orrin Hatch has declared [...]

Mikveh After Mastectomy– Lessons Learned as a BRCA Gene Mutant

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This blog originally appeared in 2016. We are posting it again in celebration of the launch of our new resource guide “Hope and Healing: A Guide to Mikveh for Women with a BRCA diagnosis or breast cancer .” For copies of the guide write to Several years ago, I underwent a preventative double mastectomy, at a relatively young age. Besides the many [...]

The Travelling Husband

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Photo: Orna Wachman For 16 years, my life has followed a rhythm.  Every other week, after havdala, my husband rushes around the house quickly packing, tying up loose ends and getting ready to leave for the airport.  Our children write him a “machtos”, a note to be read on the airplane.  I drive him to the airport treasuring every second [...]

Ten Tips for Mikveh Night

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This piece was written by Dr. Naomi Marmon Grumet for a forthcoming publication by Dr. David Ribner and Talli Rosenbaum,  “I Am for My Beloved: A Guide to Enhanced Intimacy for Married Couples” (Urim, 2019). The book contents information about intimacy, sexual anatomy and physiology, sex within the lifecycle, and Jewish values and attitudes towards sex – with a practical, hands-on approach – to help couples [...]

Honor Avigail Rock z”l and Her Legacy

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Support Healing Spaces and Resources for Women Going Through Breast Cancer Our friend and teacher, Rabbanit Dr. Avigail Rock z”l taught us the poetry of Tanach and Torah Sheb’al Peh, and toward the end of her life, the language of support for women going through cancer treatment. Avigail embodied chessed: to the local garbage man, to neighbors, to her family. Her chessed [...]

Dear Mikveh Lady…

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At this time of year – a time of  reconciliation and forgiveness – we are posting a blog which expresses intense personal feelings in the hope that both attendants and mikveh users will share the desire to connect and find a respectful way to hear each other’s voices and needs. Dear Mikvah Lady, I’ve always loved mikvah. I’ve been going since the night [...]

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